Spokane Guilds School

Meet Kingston

At 16 months of age, Kingston is an inquisitive little explorer working hard to master new skills.

“He is very social. He always wants to be in the mix of things,” said Jenna, his mom.

Kinston has gone from crawling to carefully navigating a room by using tables, chairs and just about anything else to support him as he attempts to keep up with his big brothers, Cannon, 4, and Kaden, 12, whom he adores.

“Kingston is just this little ball of love all the time,” Jenna said.

As a healthy newborn, Kington was seen by three different physicians before Jenna and her husband, Josh, learned their son has Down syndrome.

The pediatrician who diagnosed Kingston referred them to the Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center for early-intervention therapy and to Ds Connections NW, a resource network for families raising children with Down syndrome. Kingston started receiving physical and speech therapy and 3 months of age and occupational therapy and special education was added to his comprehensive plan.

“Kingston is just a normal little kid who happens to need extra help,” said Jenna, adding that he does things on his own time and recently decided he is ready to walk.

Kingston loves electronics and makes a quick dash to grab any cell phone left unattended or to turn on his big brother’s video game system so he can hear the sound it makes. He enjoys music and bounces and claps to the beat.

The Guilds’ School staff provides developmental exercises for the family to do at home, said Jenna, adding, “I love that they will teach us what to do with him at home. We’ve learned to help him master tiny goals to reach the big goals.”

Kingston will soon participate in a toddler group, she said, adding, “I’m excited for him to be going to group. It will be exciting to see him interact with other kids his age.”