Spokane Guilds School

  • Guilds' School is looking for talented high school students for our Advisory Board

    Help a great cause while building experience for college, scholarship and job applications. 
  • Board members network with students, educators, businesses and other community contacts

  • Members attend monthly planning meetings and then organize presentations and fundraisers at their schools

  • Thank you to this year's Advisory Board Members for their hard work!

High School Advisory Board

The High School Advisory Board consists of student representatives from a dozen area high schools. Students work with community, civic and city leaders, and Guilds' School Foundation trustees. They plan presentations at assemblies and spirit activities, and organize school fundraisers to benefit the Guilds' School. Board members recruit hundreds of student volunteers that help at 13 different sites for the "Kids for Kids" Penny Drive Community Day. Student representatives enjoy networking with each other and compete for the Guilds' School's Golden Penny Award - a spirit award that travels to a different school every year. Click here to download an application to join the High School Advisory Board.

School Calendar


Jun 5 - Bank of America Golf Classic

For more information visit our website, or contact Tammy Sweeney 509-326-1651...

Sep 19 - SGS School Board Meeting

The Spokane Guilds' School Board of Directors meeting are held 9 times a year...