Spokane Guilds School

Giving Societies

Planning for Tomorrow, Today!

The Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center is embarking on a giving campaign to assure that the early intervention program we have provided for the past fifty-three years will be here tomorrow and long into perpetuity. There is no other place like the Spokane Guilds’ School in our region. It just makes perfect sense for us to prepare for tomorrow especially with the governmental cuts we are facing. Changing the lives of children and their families is a gift to the recipients but also to our community and society at large.

We would like to invite you to join with us to continue helping children that experience a developmental disability or delay for the next half-century. Your help will assure the continuation of our unique blend of services to over 230 children and their families each year without regard to gender, race, religion, or the ability to pay.

As a member of our Giving Society, you can express your wishes today and know with confidence that the School of the Foundation will honor them.

Annual gifts  provide immense benefits in support of causes and organizations you believe in. This is an important part of your life and the hard work you have accomplished to achieve your goals. Giving reflects your values, hopes, and vision for a better world.

Your partnership with us does matter. When you give to the Spokane Guilds’ School, you invest in the future and enrich the lives of children and families forever.

For more information about the Spokane Guilds’ School, please call Becky Magnuson, Donor Relations Manager, at (509) 326-1651 or e-mail at beckym@guildschool.org.

The Spokane Guilds’ School is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization