Spokane Guilds School

Meet Tori

Tori is a bright-eyed toddler who enjoys music, exploring in the garden and reading “Rumble in the Jungle” and other children’s books.

“She loves going to the park and she loves to swing and climb,” said her mom, Nicki, adding that Tori is “super social and ready to get involved in everything.”

The 2-year-old enjoys singing “Set it Free” with her older sister, Charli, who is six, and is inseparable with her twin sister, Demri.

Tori is a fraternal twin who was born with Down syndrome. Demri is typically developing. The twin sisters are as close as they can be – sharing a room, chatting back and forth from their cribs and even playing a teddy bear toss game they made up together.

At just a few months of age, Tori came down with an acute respiratory virus that caused pneumonia, repeated hospitalizations and lots of scary times for Nicki and her husband, Brian.

Although Tori started receiving home-based services through the Guilds’ School when she was just over 2 months of age, being sick for nearly a year slowed her progress. After her lungs healed, Tori started coming to the Guilds’ School for on-site therapy and really flourished.

Within five months of arriving, Tori erased many of the setbacks from when she was ill –learning to sit, crawl and even walk!

 “The Guilds’ School plays a huge role in making sure that Tori hits the milestones that she is supposed to,” said Nicki, who operates an early-childhood center with her husband.

Purposeful details, like helping Tori to eat and drink safely and reach age-appropriate mobility milestones, are making all the difference, Nicki said, adding that they also appreciate the information the Guilds’ School staff provides for developmental activities to do at the pre-school center and at home for 24-7 learning.

Tori is also making friends in her new toddler group, where her twin sister is a peer model. Circle time, group play and snack time are some of her favorite activities.

 “It was really exciting getting her into the Guilds’ School. She loves it here,” Nicki said.