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    Meet Eli one of our 2017-2018 Kids for Kids Penny Drive poster children. 
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  • Meet Tori

    Meet Tori one of our 2017-2018 Kids for Kids Penny Drive poster children. 

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37th Annual Spring Gala

Join us on Saturday, March 3, 2018! Click the link below to donate, sponsor, register or for more information!
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Please Support our High Achievers

At the Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center, the holidays remind us of how fortunate we are for the friends who give generously to help our children. On behalf of our Guilds' School team and the children and families we serve, thank you for your past support!

Last year, a record 267 infants and toddlers who are impacted by developmental disabilities and delays resulting from premature birth, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism and a wide range of other causes went on to reach milestones that defied the odds they were given at birth.

We need your help to continue to make miracles happen for some of the most vulnerable children in our community.

Please make a gift today to help us lay the groundwork to help even more children in the New Year. We wish you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with health, happiness and your own success.


School Calendar


Mar 3 - Spring Gala & Auction

Visit our website to learn more! ...

Mar 20 - SGS School Board Meeting

The Spokane Guilds' School Board of Directors meeting are held 9 times a year...

Apr 2 - Spring Break

School closed, no services will be provided. Support staff will work April 2-3rd...

Tax Free IRA Rollover

If you are 70 1/2 years or older, you may want to consider using an IRA Charitable Rollover to give up to $100,000 tax free to the Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center. A donor must direct that their IRA account make the payment amount directly to the qualifying charity to avoid paying income tax on the charitable distribution. 

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity to benefit the Guilds' School and to gain significant tax benefits, please contact Becky Magnuson, Donor Relations Coordinator at 326-1651 or beckym@guildschool.org