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Keep the Spirit of Generosity Alive


Dear Friend,

We hope this summer finds you happy and well.

We recently wrapped up our Kids for Kids Penny Drive inside the schools. This year, 78 local schools stood up to support young children with special needs by holding penny drives.

We want to share a heartwarming story about some budding philanthropists at Lidgerwood Elementary School with hope it will inspire you to make your own gift to support the Spokane Guilds’ School’s life-changing work.                                  

Virginia Gould’s third-grade students raised $309.26 during Lidgerwood’s annual penny drive. What makes this generous gift particularly touching is that most of Lidgerwood’s students come from families who struggle financially. In spite of economic challenges, the spirit of giving back is alive and well at Lidgerwood and this is the 15th year the school has supported the Kids for Kids Penny Drive.

After hearing from a mom whose daughter was helped by the Spokane Guilds’ School, Mrs. Gould’s students knew they wanted to help. These thoughtful children donated birthday and allowance money and even did extra chores. Every day for two weeks, they brought in pennies, dimes, quarters and even paper money. They counted their proceeds daily and repeatedly met goals and raised goals. By the end of the penny drive, every classmate had helped and Mrs. Goulds’ class had accomplished something remarkable! 

Their generosity had a ripple effect, students throughout the school made donations and Inspirus Credit Union provided a matching grant. Mrs. Gould’s class became part of a KXLY story about the Kids for Kids Penny Drive.

Please keep this spirit of generosity alive by making a donation today. Your support helps promising young children develop important skills so they can live up to their potential! 

Thank you for your help!

Your friends at the Spokane Guilds’ School and Neuromuscular Center


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Tax Free IRA Rollover

If you are 70 1/2 years or older, you may want to consider using an IRA Charitable Rollover to give up to $100,000 tax free to the Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center. A donor must direct that their IRA account make the payment amount directly to the qualifying charity to avoid paying income tax on the charitable distribution. 

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity to benefit the Guilds' School and to gain significant tax benefits, please contact Becky Magnuson, Donor Relations Coordinator at 326-1651 or beckym@guildschool.org