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  • Meet Eily

    Meet Eily, one of our 2016-2017 Kids for Kids Penny Drive poster children. 
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  • Meet Kingston

    “He is very social. He always wants to be in the mix of things,” said Jenna, his mom.

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  • Meet Elliot

    Over the past few months, Elliot’s language skills and confidence have blossomed and he is displaying a sense of humor that makes him so much fun to be around.

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37th Annual Spring Gala

Join us on Saturday, March 3, 2018! Click the link below to donate, sponsor, register or for more information!
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Please Support our High Achievers

Dear Friends,

It has been a busy summer for children at the Spokane Guilds’ School & Neuromuscular Center! As boys and girls throughout our community enjoyed a long summer break, our little ones worked extra hard to learn skills that will help them succeed in preschool, kindergarten and beyond.

Doing well in school is what we want for all of our kids. The Spokane Guilds’ School helps children with special needs reach milestones that form the building blocks for future success. We need your support to continue this life-changing work!

Children leave the Spokane Guilds’ School ready to take on the world. We have alumni who accomplish anything and everything you can imagine – including graduating from college and law school. We have alumni who are outstanding athletes and professionals – operating from their wheelchairs or utilizing Braille to read. Generous supporters like you own a piece of that amazing success!

Our team of special education teachers and physical, occupational and speech therapists recognize that every child has unique capabilities. They work through exercise and developmental play to help children build brain connections and muscle strength to walk, talk, have full arm control and even use crayons and follow directions. They also train our wonderful parents, so the learning continues at home 24-7.

Our 57-year-old nonprofit continues to provide a full program based on each child’s specific developmental needs – and we helped over 265 last year! Your gift will ensure that every single child receives a high-quality program, with oversight from our medical director, who is an experienced pediatrician, and with nursing and social work support.

Please make a gift today to help ensure that this year brings even more amazing accomplishments for the children we serve.

Sincerely, Dick Boysen

School Calendar


Nov 21 - SGS School Board Meeting

The Spokane Guilds' School Board of Directors meeting are held 9 times a year...

Dec 19 - SGS School Board Meeting

The Spokane Guilds' School Board of Directors meeting are held 9 times a year...

Jan 16 - SGS School Board Meeting

The Spokane Guilds' School Board of Directors meeting are held 9 times a year...

Tax Free IRA Rollover

If you are 70 1/2 years or older, you may want to consider using an IRA Charitable Rollover to give up to $100,000 tax free to the Spokane Guilds' School & Neuromuscular Center. A donor must direct that their IRA account make the payment amount directly to the qualifying charity to avoid paying income tax on the charitable distribution. 

To learn more about this wonderful opportunity to benefit the Guilds' School and to gain significant tax benefits, please contact Becky Magnuson, Donor Relations Coordinator at 326-1651 or beckym@guildschool.org